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&​ help you achieve YOUR AMERICAN DREAM. 

"Plans fail for lack of counsel,​ but with many advisors they succeed."

​Proverbs 15:22

How we work


We listen to your story and

help you learn your ​options.

  • Every case is different, so it is essential to get all the information we can in order to get your application approved.

  • Our personalized consultation services will allow us to know and understand what your specific situation is, and what your requirements are.

  • Our professional team members will know what information they need from you in order to submit a successful application.

  • Your personal circumstances will always be respected, and your information kept in the utmost confidentiality at all times.

Create a Plan

Then we create the best

immigration plan for you.

  • Once, with your help, we have collated the information that we need, we can then begin putting a plan together.

  • With so many variables and nuances in immigration law, it is necessary to have a plan that applies specifically to individual applicants.

  • With a team of dedicated professionals that know the law and the procedures, we give you the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

immigration lawyer

do it

We work hard on your case.

  • Creating and submitting your application will be a lot of work, with many forms to be completed and numerous documents required. We will help you through every step of this process.

  • Not only will we let you know which forms are needed, we will also help you to fill the forms so you can have the confidence that everything has been submitted properly.

  • Our team will double-check everything to ensure that your application is correct before being submitted to the appropriate departments.

immigration lawyer

​get approved

We help you get your case approved.

  • Even once the applications have been submitted there can still be more to do. Our team will make themselves available to the authorities to assist in any requests from them that will help to ensure your application is successful.

  • Our job is not complete until we have fought for every part of your case, but we cannot guarantee case success.

​A full-service immigration law firm 

dedicated to serving​ immigrants & foreigners

​convenient location

&​ Easy to reach us

Located in San Francisco, Santamaria Law Firm, PC is a San Francisco, Bay Area law firm that has been established with the aim of welcoming immigrants to the United States of America and helping them with the immigration process.


America is a nation that was built on immigration, and we feel that new immigrants should always be treated with full respect. We aim to make sure that that respect is granted, and that immigrants are given the rights that they deserve.

Diversity in

Qualification & Experience

US immigration law can be a minefield to the layman, and there is a great deal of knowledge required across several fields. Our diversely qualified team ensures that, collectively, we have the knowledge that is needed to get applications approved. Also, our founder wrote his PhD dissertation on immigration law, so our knowledge is based very specifically in the field of US immigration laws and processes.

In addition to being able to speak the language of immigration law fluently, we also speak Chinese (Mandarin), English, Filipino (Tagalog), Spanish and Vietnamese.  With such diversity in qualifications, language and cultures, we truly can bring you a service that caters to immigrants far and wide.

Standing out With Hard work & Impeccable Ethics


Here at Santamaria Law Firm, we strive to be known as among the most reputable U.S. immigration law firms around. We intend for our hard work, and ability to get the job done, to stand out so that we are recognized on merit as one of the best. We feel that all people should be given opportunities no matter where they are from, and we maintain a very diverse international client base.

Some of our team have direct hands-on knowledge of the immigration process as they, too, are immigrants from overseas. They were delighted to be welcomed into America, and will be delighted to welcome others in turn. In addition to hard work, we will also operate to the highest of ethical codes at all times. Everything that we do is done with the best intentions of our clients in mind.


+ 1 (415) 745 - 3650

100 Pine Street, Suite 1250

San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

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Non Immigrant Visa

H-1B Visa

L-1 Visa

E Visa

R-1 Visa

​O-1 Visa

​P Visa

​B1/B2 Visa

Employment Based Immigrant Visa

EB-1: Priority Workers

EB-2: Advanced Degree or NIW

EB-3: Skilled/Unskilled Workers

EB-4: Religious Workers & Special Immigrants

EB-5: Investor Visa

Deportation/Removal Proceedings

Immigration Court Defense

Waivers of Unlawful Presence Bar

Motion to Reopen/Reconsider

Family Petition

Fiancée Visa

Marriage Visas

​Adjustment of Status through Marriage

Petition for Family Members

Petition for Adopted Child


Asylum & Refugee

​Temporary Protected Status


U Visa

T Visa

​And Others

Santamaria Law Firm
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