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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of business can I open or expand in the US?

  • For an E-2 visa, you can open basically any business. You can purchase an existing American business or expand your foreign business. There are no requirements on what kind of business you should have to obtain your E-2 visa.

  • For an L-1A visa, it should be similar to the foreign business you operate.

2. How long is the process to get my business visa?

For both E-2 and L-1A visas, they are a faster than other investor visas. E-2 visas can take an even shorter time than L-1As because if the applicant is abroad, then the applicant just has to apply to the consulate and this should only take a few months.

3. How much does it cost for a business visa?

Both E-2 and L-1As are thousands of dollars cheaper than other visas like EB-5. Contact us for a quote.

4. How much should I invest in the business?

Unlike EB-5 where the investor has to invest at least $500,000, with E-2 and L-1A visas, the investor or executive does not have to invest that much. There are actually no stated investment requirements for E-2 or L-1A visas, but contact us and we will help you come up with an advisable investment amount.  

5. How long is the business visa valid for?

  • E-2 visas can be renewed indefinitely. Meaning, the applicant can continuously renew the visa

  • L-1A visas have a time limit of 7 years, but with both visas, there may be ways to apply for a green card.

6. After I apply for the business visa, can I apply for a green card?

Yes, there are ways you can apply for a green card after getting your E-2 or L-1A visa. You should consult with an attorney first before making these decisions.

7. Can I still apply for a business visa even if my country has no E-2 treaty with the US?

Yes, you can. You can try another visa like L-1A.

8. What are the education requirements for a business visa?

Actually there are none. For most cases, you just need the appropriate work experience and job title to apply for a business visa.

9. Can my family come with me?

Yes, you can bring your spouse and children under 21.

10. Is this the best visa for me?

Our job is to objectively explain to you your best visa option. Then you make the best decision for you, your company, and your family.

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