Financial Ability Interview Questions

April 1, 2018



A common reason consular officers deny issuing student visas is that students lack supporting financial documentation. You should have ready your bank statements, tuition costs, etc. to present to the consular officer. You need to show that you currently have the finances to cover your tuition and that you will be able to do so throughout the duration of your stay in the US. As you present your financial documentation you should be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Who is sponsoring you?

  • How will they pay for your education?

  • What is your sponsor’s income?

  • What is your father’s job?

  • What is your mother’s job?

  • What is your father’s income?

  • What is your mother’s income?

  • Will anyone else help pay for your tuition?

  • What is the cost of your education program?

  • Will you work while you study?

  • Can you show me your bank statements?




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